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The Value of Human Connection: Why some companies are returning to the office to restore community and culture

As vaccine rollout increases, mask regulations decrease, and getting back to “normal” is within reach – most offices have revisited their work-from-home policies and have considered reopening their offices. As offices announce hybrid work plans, many people are refusing to leave remote work behind. Employees have found that remote work offers better work/life balance and cost savings. So many people prefer remote work, that a May survey by Morning Consult found that 39% of remote workers would consider quitting if

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Why do women-owned businesses still struggle to get funding?

According to the American Express 2019 State of Women-Owned Businesses Report, businesses owned by women have grown by 21% since 2014, while all businesses increased by only 9%. However, a study by Crunchbase found that only 2.3% of venture capital funding went to women-led startups in 2020. This number fell from 2.8% of funding in 2019. In terms of dollars, their study showed that female-founded companies received $4.9 billion in funding in 2020, which is a 27% decrease from 2019.

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Cyber attacks on law firms are more common than ever. How can we protect our data, attorneys, and clients?

In today’s digital world, all types of organizations are vulnerable to cyber attacks. However, law firms are seeing increased frequencies of cyber attacks, especially during the pandemic. Due to the nature of their work, law firms collect tons of confidential information and data that makes them an attractive target for an attacker. They often balance several projects for one client, and have many attorneys working on different client matters at the same time. Most of their business is done over

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Most lawyers are making these common organizational mistakes. Here are three quick solutions

In our current world of constantly being busy, it’s easy for our organizational skills to slip. After all, if you’re getting the work done, does it matter that you have a messy desk? Keeping your practice organized is one of the best ways to stay efficient and avoid feeling overwhelmed – which in turn helps you produce the best work for your clients, and also respect yourself and your mental wellbeing. Below are the three biggest organizational mistakes that most

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