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Illustration of upcoming development in the Flatiron District in Omaha, Nebraska. This includes two high-end apartment buildings.

Omaha continues to grow: how new developments are revitalizing the city

As Omaha’s population continues to grow, there are several developments in the works that are aiming to evolve high-potential areas in the city. These developments will not only add more places for citizens of Omaha to work and play, but new areas for entertainment, as well. Here are some key projects under development in Omaha that we’re excited about: The Crossroads – Coming 2024 The Crossroads Omaha project sits at the former Crossroads Mall at 72nd and Dodge, Omaha’s busiest

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Two business professionals in masks collaborating on a project on an iPad.

Going back to the office? Best practices to keep employees safe, healthy, and comfortable

As vaccines continue to be distributed and we start returning to the new normal, many offices have already begun returning to the office, or have at least started their plan to reopen this year. Even though 81% of workers would prefer to work remotely full-time or on a hybrid schedule, many employers are anxious to reopen offices in some capacity. Some companies feel that the office better fosters their culture and improves productivity. Whatever your reasons are for wanting to

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Group of parade participants marching under the gay pride flag. Photo provided by Unsplash.

June 30 isn’t the end of Pride: supporting LGBTQ+ employees year-round

The first of June marks the beginning of Pride Month for large and small businesses alike. Many companies dawn rainbow-colored logos, hang multi-colored flags in their offices, and host Pride celebrations in their workplace. However, these actions have been criticized by activists for being performative and inauthentic. While many companies show outward allyship, their internal actions sometimes have proved anything but.  This has been coined as “performative allyship” or “rainbow capitalism” – when companies promote support (and sometimes financially profit

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Business professional man and woman meeting in an office discussing papers.

The Value of Human Connection: Why some companies are returning to the office to restore community and culture

As vaccine rollout increases, mask regulations decrease, and getting back to “normal” is within reach – most offices have revisited their work-from-home policies and have considered reopening their offices. As offices announce hybrid work plans, many people are refusing to leave remote work behind. Employees have found that remote work offers better work/life balance and cost savings. So many people prefer remote work, that a May survey by Morning Consult found that 39% of remote workers would consider quitting if

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