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How a Coworking Space Can Help Your Startup

By definition, a startup is a company typically in the very early stages of its development. They’re usually run by 1-3 founders who focus on developing a product, service or platform. In short, a startup is a group of problem solvers. At the beginning, they’re self-funded and have a very strong growth mindset.  That’s very technically speaking; at the core, startups are one of the founding principles of the “American Dream”. Startups are based upon the idea that anybody can

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The Future is Hybrid

Around March 2020, most professionals were in the same boat. While places were quickly shutting down, so did our offices. It seemed like we blinked, and we were immersed in a hastily thrown together remote working environment. Living rooms were converted into offices, kitchen tables now housed spreadsheets, and suddenly our offices doubled as a daycare. A year later, we have learned one core message- hybrid officing will be the new normal. The hybrid workplace is a model that combines

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