Our Story + Value

Our Story

Modus was born out of the recognition that, simply put, there is a better, more efficient way for attorneys, MBEs/WBEs, and other small businesses to grow their companies.

Currently, attorneys, MBEs/WBEs, and other small businesses spend far too much time, money, and energy dealing with the burden of handling standard administrative and office needs that are a necessity to the day-to-day functioning of their companies.

Similarly, attorneys, MBEs/WBEs, and other small businesses often waste substantial time traveling to and from networking events that often lead to little or no meaningful connections.

Modus was founded upon the belief that, when it comes to the office, networking and educational needs of attorneys, MBEs/WBEs, and other small businesses, Modus can improve upon the status quo by providing valuable services focused on these three areas through the power of O.N.E

Our Value

The power of O.N.E.

Office. Network. Education

Modus’ value proposition lies in our unique combination of services and benefits. Through our many office spaces and services, Modus solves multiple problems with its ONE solution.


Modus provides all the office infrastructure you need.

  • Fully furnished conference rooms and office suites (with customizable privacy options), soundproof phone booths, and mother’s room.
  • Amenities including on-site notary, complimentary refreshments, secure cloud storage and workstation backup.


Modus provides members internal and external professional networks designed to facilitate growth and expertise in the legal space.

MBEs/WBEs: Modus creates a network of professionals that offer value-add services that will help MBEs/WBEs operate more efficiently and grow their companies more quickly:

  1. Consulting: Via our local consulting partners, Modus offers consulting services which will help MBEs/WBEs to not only take full advantage of federal, state and local resources that are only available to MBEs and WBEs but also help ensure they comply with corresponding regulatory requirements.
  2. Legal: By virtue of Modus’ focus on providing turnkey office space to attorneys in addition to other small businesses, MBEs/WBEs benefit from having convenient access to attorneys with varying expertise to advise them on complex legal issues.
  3. Accounting: Via our local accounting partners, Modus offers accounting services which will help MBEs/WBEs by ensuring they have convenient access to experienced accounting professionals.

A collegial internal network: Modus cultivates a collegial referral system within the Modus community, incentivizing referrals among attorneys, MBEs/WBEs, and other small businesses.

A targeted external network: Modus fosters a targeted external network by facilitating connections between Modus members and local small businesses that are most likely to be strong partners or potential clients and which include financial professionals, consultants, accountants, and real estate professionals.


Modus simplifies and facilitates the education of attorneys, MBEs/WBEs and small businesses in multiple ways:

MBEs/WBEs and Small Businesses:
Modus helps these small businesses improve their bottom line by hosting lectures and webinars by accountants and other tax professionals that focus on informing these businesses of steps they can take to, among other things, maximize deductions and mitigate taxable income


  1. Modus alleviates the burden of attorneys having to satisfy Continuing Legal Education (CLE) by hosting CLE events onsite.
  2. Modus ensures attorneys stay abreast of the latest legal issues by regularly hosting lectures and forums onsite that include experts in law and policy from the public and private sectors on various subject matters.