7 Ways Your Company Can Make a Difference During the Holiday Season

The holidays are a time for giving back. Whether it’s volunteering your time at a local food bank or a homeless shelter, or donating money to an organization that helps people in need, the spirit of giving is what makes the season so special. When you are looking for ways to demonstrate your company’s generosity and kindness this holiday season, think about how you can make a difference in the lives of others. Not only will such actions help build employee morale and instill trust throughout your company, but they will also benefit your bottom line. After all, companies that show care for their employees and community tend to have happier and more loyal workers, which results in higher productivity and profitability. Read on for 7 ideas that your company can implement to make a real difference during the holiday season!

Donate to an Organization That Helps People in Need

When you think about the holidays, it’s easy to imagine all of the gifts that you and your family will get. However, in order for everyone to share in the joy of giving and have a happy holiday season, someone needs to provide those gifts. That’s where organizations like food banks come in. Food banks are able to collect donations year-round because they understand what people need and are willing to go out of their way to provide those things. By donating money or food items, your company can make a big difference in the lives of those who are struggling this holiday season. In many instances these organizations do not receive any support from the government so they rely on generous individuals and businesses to help them offer care and a sense of normalcy during these difficult times.

Volunteer Your Time at a Local Food Bank or Homeless Shelter

Volunteering your time at a local food bank or homeless shelter is one of the simplest ways to give back during the holidays. The type of impact you can have by volunteering can vary depending on what kind of volunteer service your company is comfortable with. For example, if you have employees who love to cook, they could volunteer their time at a soup kitchen that needs help cooking and/or waiting tables. If your company is looking for an in-house volunteer opportunity, think about hosting a holiday party for local organizations for volunteers to attend. This will not only be a fun affair for your employees, but it will also allow them to make meaningful connections with the people they are helping.

Hold Games with your Employees to Raise Funds for a Cause

Companies are typically looking for holiday events that not only allow employees to enjoy spending time with family and friends in a festive setting, but also strengthen their connection with the company. One fun way to do this is to hold games with your employees. For example, you could ask each employee to bring a favorite board game or card game and have a friendly competition to raise funds for your favorite charity. You can also give away raffle prizes for prizes such as gift cards, dinner out, or tickets to sporting events. Another option is hosting a Christmas party at your office! Employees will feel more connected to the company when they get together for an event that’s so important during the holidays. Additionally, if you involve coworkers in planning the event from start-to-finish, it will be more meaningful.

Match Employee Giving Through Programmatic Giving

This year, your company can encourage employees to give back by matching their donations. If you offer a certain number of dollars for each donation made, your company will match the donation and donate an equal amount. This is one way of encouraging employee giving. Your company’s generosity will help employees feel fulfilled and valued while showing the community that they care about their neighbors.

Offer Company Service Days

Every company wants its employees to love their jobs and stay motivated. Sometimes, though, the holidays can be hectic and employees just don’t have time for work. That’s why some companies offer “Company Service Days,” or days when employees can volunteer for projects that benefit the company or community. These days are a fun way for employees to give back and feel good about their company at the same time!

Sponsor a family in need

Sponsoring a family in need during the holidays is a great way to extend a helping hand to those who may not be able to provide for themselves. It can be a rewarding experience both for the recipient family and the sponsor. Providing basic necessities such as food, clothing, and toys can be a meaningful gesture that can bring hope and joy to those who may not otherwise be able to experience it. Consider exploring the many non-profit organizations dedicated to helping families in need, or reaching out to local community resources for more information. Making a difference in the life of a family in need might just be the greatest gift you can give this holiday season.

Host a Blood Drive

If one of your company’s goals is to be a good neighbor, consider hosting a blood drive. With the help of your employees, you can collect donations during the week leading up to Christmas, and find out how much blood is needed in your community. Not only will you make a difference in someone’s life by helping save lives through blood donation, but you’ll also increase employee morale at work!


The holiday season is a time to bring people together and make a difference. Whether it’s donating to an organization that helps people in need, volunteering your time, or hosting a blood drive, there are many ways to make the season worth celebrating. In fact, according to Neon One, December is the most active month of the year for charitable donations. So, if you want to make a difference in your community, consider partnering with an organization that helps people in need this Christmas.