This Omaha security company is keeping all communities safe by valuing empathy and communication

Before Elite Tactical was founded in 2018, the groundwork for starting a security and protection company was being formed by Nick Lemek and Tori Haussler several years before the idea for Elite Tactical was born.

Lemek and Haussler saw that there was a significant gap in the market for a high-quality security provider. They found that most security companies weren’t giving superior service to the community or even to their employees – as most companies don’t require their staff to be licensed.

With Lemek’s experience as a paramedic and firefighter, and Haussler’s experience in marketing and strategy – they decided to combine forces to better serve the Omaha area.

Serving Omaha’s communities

Elite Tactical’s mission is simple. They strive to always keep all of Omaha’s communities safe and secure, while also delivering a high standard of service to their customers. For Elite, communication with the community is the best way to serve. 

“We want to understand that community’s experience and provide empathy to a scenario,” Nick and Tori explained. THey believe that this is key to providing true safety for everyone involved. They also recognize that over-policing is not the goal, and does the opposite of what they want to achieve.

“It doesn’t invoke a safe feeling, but only fear and a resistance to seek help,” they said. Nick Lemek has extensive experience with de-escalation, which is always the goal when diffusing a security issue.

The duo also aims to continue to aid underprivileged communities and help keep them safe. In 2021, Elite provided security for the Heartland Pride Parade, and now provides one free security guard for every LGBTQA+ event that partners with them.

Lastly, Nick and Tori deeply value their staff and ensure that they are paid livable wages. They focus on growing each employee’s career, whether that be with Elite or elsewhere. They expect that every employee consistently offers a level of professionalism to their clients, and that the same level of respect is reciprocated by the community.

Growing their business at scale

As their company has grown over the last few years, Elite Tactical needed somewhere to base their business out of where they could continue to expand. They researched several different options, but were apprehensive of having their own office.

“We didn’t want to go the route many companies do of acquiring a lot of startup costs that come with having your own building,” they explained. But once they saw Modus Coworking’s rental options, it was a perfect match.

“We love the flexibility of being able to grow at our own pace,” the duo continued. With further expansion expected for Elite Tactical in the future, they can rest easy knowing that Modus can grow with them, since the space can accommodate for each stage of company success – from conception to rapid growth.

Nick, Tori, and their staff run their daily operations out of their rented office space at Modus. They’ve used the additional space Modus offers to conduct staff training, and have enjoyed using the conference rooms for meeting with clients. The professional and modern atmosphere has added a level of legitimacy for their small business.

Elite Tactical appreciates the energy of Modus and the opportunity to collaborate with other members, for security services or otherwise. 

When thinking about the future for Elite, the biggest thing they want to accomplish is making a difference in Omaha. Being allies to underprivileged and minority communities in the area is their biggest focus and where the founders believe they can really bring value.

With their strong values and superior team of employees, Elite is confident that they will continue to grow and provide for Omaha’s communities – and that Modus Coworking can be a resource for them, while also being along for the ride.