How a Coworking Space Can Help Your Startup

By definition, a startup is a company typically in the very early stages of its development. They’re usually run by 1-3 founders who focus on developing a product, service or platform. In short, a startup is a group of problem solvers. At the beginning, they’re self-funded and have a very strong growth mindset. 

That’s very technically speaking; at the core, startups are one of the founding principles of the “American Dream”. Startups are based upon the idea that anybody can create a company and grow it into their wildest dreams. The idea is grandiose, but what happens when you’re hit with the nitty gritty side of business? That’s where a coworking space can help. 

  1. Designed to grow with you

Startups start small but are designed to grow quickly. Imagine taking the time to scout spaces that fit your exact sizing needs and then six months later, your team doubles. Once that happens, you’ll have to start over and scout another space for you. This is a common reality for many startups and it isn’t productive. 

Flexible office spaces are great because they are designed to grow with your company. Maybe your group starts with three founders, which you get a large suite to house. Six months down the line if you hire additional employees, you can easily rent out the office right next to yours and expand. Startups are designed to grow, and we’re here to help facilitate that growth. 

  1. Cost initiatives 

Having a space to run your business from may not seem complicated at first glance. Factors like furniture, printers, conference rooms, technology devices, WiFi, coffee and utilities can quickly add up. With a coworking space, all of those factors go into your fixed membership cost. It ultimately helps you save on overhead costs, while being able to maintain a simple budget. 

  1. Proper office-management team

Unless you want the headache, you’ll need a team to manage your office. Making sure the space is clean, inviting and functional is a full-time job. Startups are busy growing and don’t have the time to order printing paper, maintain the coffee machine, or deal with any unexpected office issues. Being a member at a coworking space gives you access to the community team that will make sure everything is running smoothly. No more dirty bathrooms or last-minute runs to Office Depot! 

  1. Beautiful and inspiring 

The days of cubicles and fluorescent lights are long gone. Workplace trends show that millennials value flexibility and working in an inspiring environment. Our space is designed by an incredible local architectural group, AO with those values in mind. With larger-than-life windows that allow natural light to flood in, to gorgeous historic artwork scattered throughout, our space is guaranteed to motivate you. Plus, you’ll love the vintage Buick in our lobby. 

  1. Private with options to collaborate 

While a work-from-home environment has its perks, people are beginning to miss that spontaneous collaboration that comes from being in an office. A simple 15 minute conversation in the kitchen can answer questions and spark ideas that a Zoom meeting cannot. 
Working from home has brought a stronger sense of flexibility and added value of privacy. With both coworking and private suite options, you can get a taste of both worlds. Working from home has added an even more blurred work-life balance that can be solved by having a physical workspace. A physical workspace gives you the opportunity to collaborate with other professionals while being able to maintain privacy and work-life boundaries.