How to Stay Productive in Coworking Environments

With the rise of coworking spaces, freelancing, remote work, and other flexible office options, it’s getting easier than ever to establish an independent working environment. However, the growing variety of flex locations comes with new challenges for being productive. As more people gravitate toward independent workspace alternatives to standard cubicle farms and 9 to 5 regimentation, more and more business owners are turning to flex offices as well as virtual and remote work programs. To succeed in a flexible environment where everyone has access to technology at their fingertips 24/7, you need to adopt new habits for staying productive. Here are some tips for thriving in coworking environments.

Set yourself up for success at the beginning of your day

Be proactive about setting yourself up for success by ensuring that you have the tools you need at your fingertips. First, start with a clean computer screen and clear workspace. This will allow you to concentrate on your work without being distracted by other things on your screen. Next, invest in a good set of headphones or earbuds and use them every day. These are great ways to tune out everything else around you while also training your brain to focus on what matters—your work. Finally, schedule times where you can work uninterrupted during the day. You might find yourself with a solid chunk of time when everyone else is engaged in an intense meeting or client call which means you can take advantage of this free time by getting some uninterrupted work done.

Don’t be afraid to take a lunch break. You need it.

Many people are reluctant to use their lunch break at a coworking space because they’re worried it will make them look lazy. But the fact is, taking a lunch break is beneficial for your health. A study by the Mayo Clinic found that employees who took a break for lunch reported less fatigue and better concentration levels at the end of their work day. There are also many studies proving how important breaks are for boosting productivity, especially when it comes to creativity. Taking time out of your schedule every now and then can give you a much-needed boost in productivity, so don’t be afraid to take some time away from your desk when you need it.

Review your emails and messages right away

In a traditional office, you might have to schedule time to look over your inbox and respond accordingly. Nowadays, you can be bombarded with emails and messages throughout the day. The good news is that flex offices are not just conducive to multi-tasking; they also give you access to technology at your fingertips. If you’re struggling to get through your inbox during the workday, it might be time for a new strategy. One tip is to establish a routine of reviewing your emails and messages right away after each shift or when starting up again. With this routine, you won’t be distracted by other incoming messages unless they’re urgent.

Get together with your team every morning

One of the best ways to start a productive day is by getting together with your team and going over what everyone’s goals are, how they want to spend their day, and what they expect from each other. This way, you can establish a baseline and track progress throughout the day. When it comes to getting work done in an office culture, sometimes it’s easy to get distracted by all of the people around you. In a coworking environment where people are constantly coming in and out of your space, it’s important to establish clear expectations and ground rules for how you want your team members to work together in a remote setting.

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Stay up to date on all the latest news, events, and opportunities in your network

One thing you can do to stay productive in a coworking environment is to stay up to date on all the latest news, events, and opportunities. By doing this, you will not just be aware of what’s happening in your industry and community but also developments that could affect your business. For example, let’s say you are an entrepreneur with a bio-tech startup. By staying up to date on all of the latest technology trends in bio-tech, you will be able to stay ahead of your competitors by developing new innovations before they hit the market so you can get an edge over them. Consider joining groups or forums where people discuss issues pertinent to your industry. This will give you access to some unique sources of information that would otherwise go largely unnoticed if left unconnected with other like-minded entrepreneurs. Set aside time every day for networking or attending networking events. You can then use this time to connect with other members from similar industries as well as people who may have valuable connections for you.

Take a walk around the coworking space once in a while

An obvious one, but important nonetheless. With the variety of people and the ability to do anything at any time in a flexible coworking space, it’s easy for your productivity level to slip if you don’t step away from your desk every once in a while. Another tip is to be sure you have spaces designated for different tasks. In order to stay productive, it’s important to know what each task entails and keep them separate so they can be completed without interruptions.


To stay productive in a coworking environment, it’s important to be productive from the start of your day. With the steps outlined above you should be on your way to being more productive and focused in a coworking environment.