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Cyber attacks on law firms are more common than ever. How can we protect our data, attorneys, and clients?

In today’s digital world, all types of organizations are vulnerable to cyber attacks. However, law firms are seeing increased frequencies of cyber attacks, especially during the pandemic. Due to the nature of their work, law firms collect tons of confidential information and data that makes them an attractive target for an attacker. They often balance several projects for one client, and have many attorneys working on different client matters at the same time. Most of their business is done over

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Most lawyers are making these common organizational mistakes. Here are three quick solutions

In our current world of constantly being busy, it’s easy for our organizational skills to slip. After all, if you’re getting the work done, does it matter that you have a messy desk? Keeping your practice organized is one of the best ways to stay efficient and avoid feeling overwhelmed – which in turn helps you produce the best work for your clients, and also respect yourself and your mental wellbeing. Below are the three biggest organizational mistakes that most

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Minority business enterprises (MBEs) 101: What qualifies as one, how to get certified, and why they’re important

Entrepreneurship is necessary for our economy. According to the Minority Business Development Agency, 15% of businesses in the United States were startups in the late 1970s. That number has dropped to only 8% in recent years. The National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC) states that 50% of the U.S. population will be made up of minorities by 2050. Minority business enterprises (MBEs) have generated over $400 billion, created and preserved 2.2 million jobs, and contributed $49 billion in local, state,

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Here’s why parents value flexible working – and why the old office environment won’t be apart of the “new normal”

Over the last year, our homes have become our new offices, schools, and daycares. Parents not only became remote workers, but also full-time stay-at-home parents and teachers for their kids who were learning at home. As offices and schools have begun to reopen and welcome students and employees back, many working parents aren’t interested in returning to the old work environment. According to a FlexJobs survey, 61% of parents want to continue working remotely full-time, with 37% wanting a flexible,

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