Learn about the measures Modus Coworking has implemented to mitigate risks posed by viruses including UV lights and a MERV 13 air filtration system.

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This Omaha security company is keeping all communities safe by valuing empathy and communication

Before Elite Tactical was founded in 2018, the groundwork for starting a security and protection company was being formed by Nick Lemek and Tori Haussler several years before the idea for Elite Tactical was born. Lemek and Haussler saw that there was a significant gap in the market for a high-quality security provider. They found that most security companies weren’t giving superior service to the community or even to their employees – as most companies don’t require their staff to

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A group of attorneys stare out at the Omaha skyline.

Referral Marketing for Attorneys 101: How to Inspire Successful Referrals

Getting great referrals is the key to growing your law practice. But, it can be intimidating to know where to start on this increasingly important aspect of your marketing strategy. Here are a few ways to improve your referral strategy and find strong leads: Deliver great client experience Making your clients your top priority and giving them a great experience is the best way to gain referrals. People naturally want to share good experiences with others – so if a

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Skyline view of downtown Omaha.

The Midwest Move: Why Omaha is the Perfect Base for Remote Workers

Remote work has boomed during the pandemic, and being locked down in a small apartment has driven many people to re-evaluate their choice to live in metropolitan cities. Large cities had the sharpest drop in population during the pandemic, as people migrated and searched for living in more suburban areas, while keeping their coastal, remote jobs. As remote workers search for a great place to set their roots, Omaha makes a strong case. The city’s population grew by around 1%

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Woman sitting at a table with two other men working on something on their laptops.

Salary Disclosures, Explained: Why Pay Transparency is Key to Your Hiring Process

Colorado’s Equal Pay for Equal Work Act took effect in the beginning of this year in an effort to take measures to prevent gender pay inequalities. The law required any company hiring people in Colorado to disclose salary and benefits information on all job postings. This action gets Colorado employees one step closer to closing the wage gap. However, companies elsewhere are taking measures to avoid disclosing salaries. Many companies open to remote workers are excluding Colorado applicants to avoid

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